[Protein-analysis] New web service to help establish scientific collaborations

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Tue Sep 2 11:04:20 EST 2008

Hi all=2C

In an effort to help new PIs at smaller
research institutes form collaborations=2C I=92ve made a Google Maps mashup
designed for people to add push-pins for any specialist equipment they migh=
t be
willing to share/collaborate with. It=92s pretty basic at the moment=2C and
currently covers only a small range of equipment that I=92ve needed for my =
own research
projects (however=2C I am happy to extend this much further).




To circumvent data protection issues=2C people who list equipment need only
submit a webpage which includes suitable contact information rather than
submitting a contact name/e-mail address/phone number.

I=92m not sure if something like it already exists (please let me know if i=
does)=2C but if people find it useful I will try to fix any bugs and improv=
e it
with any user suggestions.



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