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If the proteins come lyophilized I'd reconstitute when it's time to use some
then split the rest into appropriately sized aliquots to freeze; generally
my understanding is the higher concentration for storage the better.
Likewise if they come in solution: take what you need for immediate use and
dilute that to working concentration, and freeze aliquots that are diluted
no further, if that's practical.  Hope that helps,

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(please excuse any bad english)

I'm a nanotecnology student with a molecular background but without much 
hands-on in that field.

I've ordered and received a couple potions of proteins and would like to 
know some general handling of these.

Proteins comes either lyophilizised or in solution at ca 5C.
Is it normally okay to freeze the proteins again to keep their life-time 
up even if they come in solution and does it depend on the protein?
In my case it is streptavidin and human plasma fibronectin.

I'm guessing it's okay to freeze them in diluted aliquots even if they 
come in solution and no matter if they are in salt or salt-free, and 
then thaw them just before use. My supervisor is a bit sceptic though.

Thank you for any help


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