[Protein-analysis] Re: Proteins Digest, Vol 41, Issue 13

Ho-Leung Ng via proteins%40net.bio.net (by holeung from berkeley.edu)
Tue Oct 28 13:49:23 EST 2008


     It varies from protein to protein, but I do not have experience
with fibronectin or streptavidin. It's usually better to freeze
proteins with glycerol, at higher concentration, and as quickly as
possible (in pcr tubes plunged into liquid nitrogen).


> Hello
> (please excuse any bad english)
> I'm a nanotecnology student with a molecular background but without much
> hands-on in that field.
> I've ordered and received a couple potions of proteins and would like to
> know some general handling of these.
> Proteins comes either lyophilizised or in solution at ca 5C.
> Is it normally okay to freeze the proteins again to keep their life-time
> up even if they come in solution and does it depend on the protein?
> In my case it is streptavidin and human plasma fibronectin.
> I'm guessing it's okay to freeze them in diluted aliquots even if they
> come in solution and no matter if they are in salt or salt-free, and
> then thaw them just before use. My supervisor is a bit sceptic though.
> Thank you for any help

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