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DK wrote:
> In article <mailman.209.1222814664.29717.proteins from net.bio.net>, "Fasulo, Lisa M" <lisa.m.fasulo from pfizer.com> wrote:
>> I am trying to calculate the specific activity of my [3H]-ligand but
>> don't know how to do it.  The package insert for my radioligand states
>> that the Specific Activity is 200 mCi/g but I need to know what the
>> Specific Activity is in Ci/mmol.  How do I calculate this?  The
>> molecular weight of the radioligand is 463.6 g/mol.  Can anyone walk me
>> through the calculations to give the specific activity in Ci/mmol?  The
>> only other info I have is the concentration of the radioligand which is
>> 1mCi/mL.
> The answer is 10.785 Ci/mmol and the concentration of radioactive
> compound is 92.72 mM. 
> This is very basic, Lisa. Do something urgent to figure it out 
> yourself. Or do yourself and your company a favour and quit. 
> It is THAT important! 
> Hope the hint above helps. 
Actually, the SA is 92.72 _milli_Curies/mmol and the concentration is 
10.785 mM (to probably more significant figures than it deserves).

.2 Ci/g x 463.6 g/mol = 92.72 Ci/mol = 92.72 mCi/mmol

(1 mCi/ml)/(92.72 mCi/mmol) = .010875 mmol/ml = 10.875 mmol/liter

Not sure which people need to do everyone a favor and quit.  Yeesh...

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