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Specific activity (mCi/g) X molecular weight (g/mol) = mCi/mole   ----->
200 mCi/g X 463.6 g/mol = 92720 mCi/mol

If you need it in mCi/mmole:

Specific activity (mCi/g) X molecular weight (g/mol) X 1 mol
_____________________________________________________________   =
                          1000 mmol

200 mCi/g X 463.6 g/mol X 1 mole
_____________________________________ =  92.72 mCi/mmole 
               1000 mmoles

Hope this helps,
Victor Morales

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I am trying to calculate the specific activity of my [3H]-ligand but
don't know how to do it.  The package insert for my radioligand states
that the Specific Activity is 200 mCi/g but I need to know what the
Specific Activity is in Ci/mmol.  How do I calculate this?  The
molecular weight of the radioligand is 463.6 g/mol.  Can anyone walk me
through the calculations to give the specific activity in Ci/mmol?  The
only other info I have is the concentration of the radioligand which is



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