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On Sep 30, 2:18 am, chunnu <sanjaysingh... from gmail.com> wrote:
> I am a graduate student. I am looking for the highly and lowly
> expressed genes of rice and Arabidopsis gene ( say 10 % of whole
> genomes). I know that there is a database called MPSS for this purpose
> but due to lack of my knowledge I am not able to extract out the data
> of my interest from this database. So please help me in this
> regards.You can mail me at sanjaysingh... from gmail.com also.
> Best regards
> Sanjay

I'm not a plant biologist, but if your looking for highly expressed
genes, I seem to recall that RuBisCO is usually the most abundant
protein in plants. The small subunit is encoded in the nucleus and the
large subunit in the chloroplast, so take your pick.


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