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Elizabeth W. Boyd via proteins%40net.bio.net (by lizboyd from uchicago.edu)
Fri Nov 21 14:53:48 EST 2008

 Fully funded positions are available for PhD students in the lab of Prof.
Rustem Ismagilov at the University of Chicago, in the Biophysical Sciences
or Chemistry graduate programs.  We use microfluidics to understand complex
systems, and develop tools for research and medicine.  Recent projects
include 1) development of "chemistrode", a microfluidic device for to
deliver, record, and analyze chemical information from cells and tissues; 2)
understanding general principles that govern biological dynamics in space
and time; 3) using chemistrode and other microfluidic tools to understand
biological dynamics and signaling in vivo and in culture; 4) synthetic
biology to construct microbial communities; 5) developing technologies for
control of crystallization and aggregation of proteins in nanoliter volumes;
6) determining the mechanisms that maintain robustness of early patterning
of the Drosophila embryo; 7) understanding how in blood coagulation simple
dynamics arises from complexity; and 8) developing new catalysts using
genetic algorithms. See http://ismagilovlab.uchicago.edu/publications.html
for details.  Interests of current lab members span microfluidics,
analytical chemistry, organic and physical chemistry, catalysis, biophysics,
biochemistry, single-molecule microscopy, microbiology, developmental
biology, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and immunology. 


We welcome candidates from all disciplines, including chemistry, biology,
engineering, or physics.  Interested applicants should apply to the
University of Chicago Chemistry graduate program (
http://chemistry.uchicago.edu/phdapp.shtml) or University of Chicago
Biophysical Sciences graduate program (
http://biophysics.uchicago.edu/students/application.html) and mention the
Ismagilov group on the application.  Contact ismagilovlab from uchicago.edu with


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