[Protein-analysis] protein candidate

assa sittner via proteins%40net.bio.net (by sittner from lkb.ens.fr)
Thu May 15 08:10:37 EST 2008

Hi There,
I need for some biochemical assay, a simple protein that fulfills the
following requirements:
1. very stable (no significant degradation)
2. soluble
3. monomeric
4. Mw > 70 KDa
5. easily expressed and purified from E.coli
6. if possible, has an enzymatic activity that can be quantified
is it too much to ask?
ideas anyone?

(I was thinking beta galactosidase, but couldn't find an article with nice
gels that show the purity, and data about stability etc. is there something

have a nice day,

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