[Protein-analysis] Re: Freeze Dryer vs Speed Vac

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Tue Jul 15 09:24:53 EST 2008

I have not done what you have described.  I think it would probably
work.  However, I'd be worried about the temperature of the sample in
the speed vac, some older units I've worked with tend to let the
sample get fairly warm ~30oC, and I wonder if it would be any more
efficient than just using the lyophilizer as is - no speed vac.  One
could set up an dry-ice/acetone bath and place a liquid nitrogen cold
trap between the frozen sample, maintained in the bath, and vacuum
pump, but that would also be equivalent to the lyophylizer plus the
time it would take to hunt down all the glassware, dry ice and acetone
for the task - not to mention the waste handling.
That's my 2cents.  Good luck.

On Jul 14, 9:33 pm, Dorit Grunberger
<dorit.grunber... from radiology.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> Saw this online and thought to ask you if it makes sense to hook up a
> speedvac to a lyophilizer both as source of vacuum and no less important, a
> cold environment to keep my extract happy. I¹m doing chloroform : methanol :
> water extracts of small tissue samples. The total volumes for extraction
> will be small and I was hoping to use a speedvac to dry/concentrate my
> MeOH/H2O phase. It¹s critical for the sample to remain as cold as possible,
> since the analysis of contents is done by NMR and we¹re hoping to maintain
> integrity of some very easily degradable metabolites (phospho-choline for
> example).
> Bottom line: do you think this will work?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
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> Department of Radiology
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