[Protein-analysis] missing residues in pdb file

ozgun.harmanci via proteins%40net.bio.net (by ozgun.harmanci from gmail.com)
Thu Jul 3 23:56:29 EST 2008

I am having trouuble with missing residues in pdb files and need to
replace them (i.e. interpolate them) using a program. I think swiss-
pdbviewer and pymol do that. My problem is that I am not very capable
of using those programs and the person whom I asked for help told me
that I have to check for missing residues in pdb file, open swiss-
pdbviewer then add residue at correct place and finally she told me
that I might need to do an energy minimization and I am thinking that
I will definitely do a mistake there. I was wondering if anyone knows
a more automated way to get the missing residues inserted for me
because I am thinking that you can find missing residues in pdb and
and programs can read that info and add these missing residues
themselves automatically.. (but again maybe not..)



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