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Sun Jan 13 13:20:04 EST 2008


> Anybody out there with an idear of software available over the internet
> that may help us do some analysis of differentially expressed proteins
> through 2-D? We have tried "Flicker" unfortunately it seems the format in
> which we have saved our photos is not compatible. We would really
> appreciate any suggestion.

I'm afraid there is no such software (at least for free). Melanie,
Delta2D, Progenesis, ImageMaster, DeCyder, PDQuest, ... are all
offline and commercial (and very expensive) software [1]. I only know
3 other software that were available on the web:

- Gellab [2] but it doesn't seem to be maintained nor available now (afaik)
- The Open2DProt project [3], a free software suite which is probably
working but not (yet) at the simplicity level of commercial offers
- IMAL [3] seems to be a general math package working with 2D gels

Some software companies (I'm sure for Progenesis/Nonlinear) are
offering you the software with temporary keys (so you pay less money
but only for a

Otherwise, you can find on the web companies that are processing gels
for you and doing the analysis too (of course, you have to
electronically send them your gel images and pay a fee).

Hope this helps,

[1] 2D Gel Analysis Software:
[2] Gellab: http://www.lecb.ncifcrf.gov/gellab/
[3] IMAL: http://brneurosci.org/imal.html

Jean-Etienne Poirrier

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