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Mon Feb 18 16:32:44 EST 2008

Am 12.02.2008, 15:45 Uhr, schrieb dobby <d_lobby006 from yahoo.com>:

> Good day
> i just want to knoe hoe to determine the primary,secondary and
> teriatry structure of haemoglobin or any tertiary structure of
> proyein.and the interaction and factors involved in the conformation
> at different level of conformation

Any textbook on proteins, including (if I may say so) my own, includes a  
brief discussion about that subject. If you need more details a textbook  
on molecular biophysics would help, e.g.

         AUTHOR= {R. Glaser},
         TITLE= {Biophysics},
         YEAR= {2000},
         PUBLISHER= {Springer},
         ADDRESS= {Berlin},
         EDITION= {Fifth},
         LANGUAGE= {engl}

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