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	 Usually, two many bands are caused by too much antibody you used. Tried to dilute more of your antibody when using. In my experience wet transfer has a much higher efficency than semi-dry tranfer. The only problem is buffer consuming and heat generating.

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>I have one problem when i do western blot..
>Sometimes i get single bands but many times i get so many bands..while my
>lab mates get few bands using the same antibody..What may be the probable
>also i want to know whether wet method is good for tranfer or semidry????
>Manisha Mishra
>Manisha Mishra
>Molecular biology Unit
>Dr Klaus Heese
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>Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 16:51:27 -0500
>From: "Tyler Collins" <collinst824 At duq.edu>
>Subject: [Protein-analysis] MicroCAL Origin 7.0 Software for ITC
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>I am attempting to use our ITC MCS Unit from MicroCal to quantify the
>homodimer dissociation of a dimeric protein to monomer.  Unfortunately,
>homodimeric species are difficult to analyze using the old Origin software.
>In addition, MicroCal will not provide a free upgrade in software to
>accommodate the models you want to use.  Instead, they are charging $2500
>for software that includes a dimer dissociation model that would be useful
>to my work.  Does anyone know where to get a possible bootleg version of the
>software, or do you have suggestions, books, articles that may aid in
>helping me write my own macro?
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