[Protein-analysis] Re: Basic question about PMSF

SJC via proteins%40net.bio.net (by scott.coutts At med.monash.edu.au)
Thu Jan 4 01:01:48 EST 2007

Breslauer wrote:
> Listen, is it normal that when adding PMSF (250mM solution in MeOH)
> to cell free extract from E.coli (broked by sonication and spinned
> 12000g for 30min) to the final concentration of 0,5mM buffer becomes
> cloudly and st become to precipitate (probably protein?).


PMSF would not normally cause proteins to precipitate, but the methanol 
might. That doesnt usually happen, though, because you're usually adding 
such a small amount to a much larger volume of protein solution (or cell 
lysate). Does it only become cloudy immediately after the addition of PMSF?


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