[Protein-analysis] picomolar Kd or Ki

Ligong Wang via proteins%40net.bio.net (by ligongw2004 from yahoo.com)
Thu Dec 6 13:20:12 EST 2007

It has been bothering me for quite sometime that my belief/understanding in the Kd/Ki determination does not seems to drive well with what I read in (some) papers. So let me just throw in my question here and hopefully to get some enlightenment from our big community. My question is:
Can one get a Kd (or Ki) value from an assay that is lower than the amount (concentration) of protein/enzyme used therein? And I have a follow-up request--if anyone can forward me literatures that claimed to detect picomolar or even femto-molar Kd/Ki? Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to any response.

Ligong Wang, Ph.D.
Yale University

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