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The extract is fine to PAGE. You can load the extract directly to PAGE. Polyphenol and pigment do not interfere with PAGE. I offen do it with arabidopsis extract which is dark green in color.	
As to activity assay, it depends on what activity you are going to test.

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>Hello sir,
>This is in response to the answer from protocol online.
>i am kishor doing PhD on Vanilla curing.
>i wanted to extract Vanilla pod protein for PAGE, 
>Since the cured bean (dark brown in colour) contains large amount of polyphenols including all the flavour compounds.....etc the protein extract is dark brown in colour !!!
>Please answer the following,
>1 how can i extract protein for PAGE ?
>2. What is the extraction media/Buffer ?
>3 can i perform activity assay(PAGE) from the isolated protein, ? or how to isolate protein from the beans for activity assay ?
>Please answer, to the the same e mail ID
>it will be a great help,
>kishor kumar k
>Phd Scholar
>dept of applied botany
>mangalore university
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