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I'd like to weigh in with a related question and an answer would be much
appreciated:  Would you expect a heated glycoprotein (say to 37C for 12 hr,
atmospheric pressure and RH) to make it reactive with a hydrazide-functional
agarose gel like CarboLink?  One implication might be that the heating has
oxidized hydroxyls on the glycoprotein to aldehyde carbonyls, but is there
not a more likely explanation than that?  Thanks,

Dan G

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   1. Deglycosylation of N Oligosaccharides (Richard, Craig.)


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Checking to see if you are available for some endoglycosidase questions.


I've removed different Asn-linked carbohydrate chains from an intact
glycoprotein (non denatured, non reduced, non heated), but when I run it
on a non-reducing gel, some degly forms are the same MW as the non-degly
control, or are a larger MW than the degly control.  Reducing gels give
clear confirmation of deglycosylation.


Share any thoughts if you like.


Thanks, Craig


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