[Protein-analysis] protein alignment and PIMA

Emanuelle Corrêa corbicorrea at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 06:48:25 EST 2006

 Dear Doctor Randall F. Smith

My name is Emanuelle and I am a phD student at USP (University of São Paulo)
in Brazil. I am currently working with protein alignments and since
you understand a lot about that I have gotten this email (and I hope it is
still your email) in PIMA's manual avaliable online and decided to write. I
was thinking of using PIMA, but it is not avaliable online so you can maybe
give me some clues on how I could have the program. Well, I work with the
phylogenetic relationships among the three domains of life
analysing proteins ... so I thought PIMA would be a nice start trying to
analyse the homologous ones. Do you think so?

Thank you in advance for comments
Emanuelle C. Corrêa
University of São Paulo - USP

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