[Protein-analysis] Re: Question about enzymes

chris.linthompson from gmail.com via proteins%40net.bio.net (by chris.linthompson from gmail.com)
Mon Oct 16 20:10:56 EST 2006

yubbers9 from yahoo.com wrote:
> chris.linthompson from gmail.com wrote:
> > Can you think of any problems that are solved with enzymes?
> Yes, but suppose a new gene mutation codes for a new enzyme has 3
> active sites:
> Site 1: useful effect that increases chances of gene being passed on
> Site 2: unwanted effect that sligthly decreases chances of gene passing
> on
> Site 3: unused effect lacking some coenzyme
> The balance of the 3 sites will be chances for the gene continuing
> improve, even though Site 2 *creates* a problem rather
> than solving one.

Do you realize you've just made a case for complex molecules being
subject to natural selection, and thus, evolution?


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