[Protein-analysis] Re: Opinions about Bio-Rad PowerPac Basic Power Supply

SJC via proteins%40net.bio.net (by scott.coutts At med.monash.edu.au)
Mon Nov 20 19:27:25 EST 2006

DK wrote:
> In article <4562212e$1 At dnews.tpgi.com.au>, SJC <scott.coutts At med.monash.edu.au> wrote:
>> DK wrote:
>>> In article <1163708083.041683.219360 At f16g2000cwb.googlegroups.com>, "Lechu"
>> <lech_kaczmarczyk At yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>> Is this power module suitable for western-blotting transfers? 
>>> Yes. Reasonabley cheap, simple and very convenient. 
>>>> Or do I
>>>> need sth more powerful? 
>>> Depends. 
>>>> Any reccommendations? How about running 2
>>>> transfers simultaneosly (2 chambers x 2 membranes)?
>>> PowerPac Basic is rated 400 mA, which puts right on the edge 
>>> when running 2 transfer modules at the same time, so it's
>>> not practical. Bio-Rad has higher power version of it they 
>>> call "PowerPac Basic HC". It handles 1000 mA, so parallel
>>> transfers are no problem. Many parallel gel rigs are not a
>>> problem with either. 
>>> DK
>> We use the power pack and it is fine... except that it can become quite 
>> noisey because it is fan cooled. We have had a faulty unit replaced 
>> because of this. The power pack worked fine, but the noise was very 
>> annoying - The fans are quite cheap.
> Wow. I guess it is too noisy in our lab. I have it sitting on my bench
> and never noticed a noise coming from its fan.

I meant that the faulty one was too loud. It's fan had come loose so it 
constantly made intermittent whining and buzzing sounds as the fan spun 

As they are when working properly, I think they're louder than all of 
our other power supplies, but not intolerable.



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