[Protein-analysis] ELISA for protein-protein binding assay

takayama takayama at MIT.EDU
Fri Jun 23 23:24:35 EST 2006

I am tring to determine the specific binding activity
of purified protein which binds to another glycoprotein.

For some protein which can bind to small molecules,
the radio-labelled ligand is avilable, and the specific
binding activity can be monitored from CPM value after
free-bound separation.

My question is if ELISA is useful to determine
specifc binding activity between protein and protien.
Problem is it seems to be hard to label with radio to 
protein, and it is not easy to separate big protein 
from also big bound protein.

I could not find 'specific binding activity' value
such as pmole/mg for protein protein interaction
system using ELISA. Also SPR can determine kinetics value
but not for specific activity value.


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