[Protein-analysis] quantifying western blots

Joerg Schaber schaber at molgen.mpg.de
Thu Jun 15 09:06:47 EST 2006


I am not an molecular biologist but use Western Blot data for modelling. 
I quantify gels using MultiGauge to get numbers for the band intensity 
on the gels.

My question is whether there exist some standard procedure or 'good 
scientific practice' concerning quantification of Western Blot data.

For example what my molecular biology colleagues told me was to define a 
background to each band on the gel. But then, to get the quantification, 
some just subtract the value for the background from the value for the 
actual band, whereas others first scale the value of the band by a 
factor calculated from the mean background before substracting the 
background. These different scaling methods can yield quite different 

I would be grateful for some hints or references or maybe that's not the 
right newsgroup at all?



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