[Protein-analysis] Re: Protein detection on stainless steel surfaces

larryt at optisci.com larryt at optisci.com
Mon Jan 16 13:28:03 EST 2006


I have a commercial instrument that measures and detects minute levels of
fluorescense.  If you are using a GFP (Green Fluoresent Protein) in your
protein matrix my GFP-Meter will be able to detect down to the parts per
billion level.  Other dyes and fluroescent markers can also be accomidated
with the instrument including; fluorescein, chlorophyll, Rhodamine. IF you
have not fluroescence going on then this method will not work.  For
additional information please feel free to visit www.optisci.com or give me
a call at 603 883-4400.  Thanks for your time.

Larry T.

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