[Protein-analysis] Re: Why Doesn't Hemoglobin Lose its color when heat like myoglobin does?

Madalch tressure at gmail.com
Sat Apr 29 00:29:18 EST 2006

> Aside from the hazardous task of drawing blood from my non-pulmonary
> arteries/arterioles, where can I find oxyhemoglobin?

Any time you bleed (and you certainly don't have to open an artery for
that.  Surely you've bled in non-life-threatening situations before?),
the hemoglobin in your blood will pick up oxygen from the air and turn
to oxyhemoglobin.  That's the red.

If you have a syringe, you can get non-oxygenated blood from a vein-
that's the blueish stuff.

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