[Protein-analysis] Any Blue native gel expert?

mel2003 at uga.edu mel2003 at uga.edu
Mon Apr 17 12:59:49 EST 2006

Hi there,

Wonder if somebody with blue native gel expertise and 
experience can help me with some advice.  We are trying to 
do blotting of the 1st dimension of BN-PAGE and so far are 
completely baffled since the transfer process seemed not to 
work, as revealed as no bands observed upon western 
procedures.  I read in one of the previous messages some 
people mentioned about the possibility of the target protein 
precipitating in the gel and therefore doesn't want to move 
to the membrane but how would we test for that, and if it 
does precipitate, how to overcome the problem??

Would appreciate very much any inputs.

Melani Atmodjo
Ph.D Student
Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
University of Georgia
Room #2047, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
315 Riverbend Road, Athens, GA 30602
(706) 542-4499 (T)

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