[Protein-analysis] Re: Question about Hypothetical Thermal Injury of the Inner Ear

Kyle Legate legatek at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 27 15:07:09 EST 2005

Radium wrote:
> Radium wrote:
>>DK wrote:
>>>If inner hair cells are all dead (and they *are* if their proteins are
>>>denatured), then the alterations in auditory perceptions to occur
>>>would be deafness.
>>Any tinnitus? Any distortion in sound before complete deafness?
> What if only the IHCs of the ^apical^ membrane is affected?
As opposed to inner hair cells of the basolateral membrane!?

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a bionet topic.

For your information "Radium" there is a Basilar membrane, a Tectorial 
membrane and a Vestibular membrane, there is no apical membrane.


To answer your madly impossible hypothetical question, deafness would 
occur. No distortion, nothing. No sound. Tinnitus is a neurological 
condition which may occur 20% of the time.

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