Bradford Protein Assay in membrane crystals

Gerd Hoffmann gerd.hoffmann at nambition.com
Thu Jan 20 05:49:13 EST 2005

Nick Theodorakis wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 15:44:34 +0100, Gerd Hoffmann
> <gerd.hoffmann at nambition.com> wrote:
>>we want to try to determine protein concentration in a solution
>>containing fragments of "membrane-protein-crystalls". We
>>want to try this with a bradford assay.
>>Unfortunately these fragments are about 1 micron in diameter
>>and therefore to big for a simple photometric determination.
>>So we have to get the proteins out of the membrane. We can
>>do this for example by using detergents. So here are my
>>questions: Is there any inteference between the bradford assay
>>and the detergent? And if so, are there other possibilities
>>to measure the concentration of the protein in our solution?
> The Bradford assay is not compatible with most detergents. You can try
> the Pierce BCA assay, which works in detergent, but you can't have
> reducing agents in it.
> Nick
Thank you for your answer. I think we will first try the Pierce Assay.

Gerd Hoffmann

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