HELP!! analysis of prioteins by mass spectrometry

LM LM at alt.net
Mon Feb 7 15:42:28 EST 2005

Do you mean .dta format?

If you have .dta, then you should be able to get .raw, and there are
some open source programs for the converting .raw or .wiff to .mzXML
files.  Try a search on the internet.


In article <cdtNd.31363$2h5.26085 at tornado.fastwebnet.it>, Sim
<dtoycr at tin.it> wrote:

> Hello I am an Italian resercher and I need help.
> I work with a MALDI (Voyager DE-STR). I usualy analyze proteins and peptides
> by mass spectrometry. The mass spectra so obtained are saved in .dat format.
> I would like to convert these data to .mzXML format but as far as I know it
> is not possible to direcly convert the .dat into .mzXML format. Do you know
> if exhist some programs to convert this format to other file formats like
> .raw .wiff .cdf? These formats, in fact, can be converted to .mzXML with
> some specific tools and this can be a solution to my problems.
> If you can help me please reply to me both on this newsgroup and using my
> E-MAIL: simone.cristoni at virgilio.it
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Simone

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