[Protein-analysis] Re: how to make protein unfold curve

Frank Küster frank at kuesterei.ch
Wed Aug 31 08:18:41 EST 2005

"subberry" <zhangpy at gmail.com> wrote:

> No, i donot want to recycle the sample, but i must clean the cell to
> measure the nest smaple.

Ah, okay.  The 0.1mm-cells that I am used to consist of two glass
slides, one with a rim to provide for the distance.  They can simply be
taken apart and cleaned.

If you've got a 0.1mm cell that's built like an ordinary absorbance
cell, i.e. like a rectangular container, well, cleaning that seems
really tough.  We have 0.5mm cell like that, and they're not easy, either.
I'd try to wash it with a jet of water, and empty it as good as possible
by shaking it sharply - we have a soft plastic "carpet" in the sink so
that it won't break if we let it fall...

Regards, Frank
In der Zeit, in der man einen defekten Riegel derartig seziert hat, dass man
verlässlich bestimmte Speicherbereich als "heile" garantieren(!) kann, kann 
man auch Pfandflaschen im Stadtpark sammeln, dass reicht dann für einen 
doppelt so großen neuen Riegel. ;)       [Jörg Rossdeutscher in d-u-g at l.d.o]

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