[Protein-analysis] how to make protein unfold curve

subberry zhangpy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 04:35:49 EST 2005

Hi,i unfolded a protein by GuanidineHCl, i use cd to follow the
unfolding process, but when i measure the cd spectrum of the protein in
GuanidineHCl of series concentration from 0 to 6M, i also measure the
control(buffers containing the concentration Guanidine).So i think the
result which i want is the spectrum of unfolded protein subtract buffer
without protein, anybody can tell me is it right?

And another question is both the spectrum of unfolded protein and the
spectrum i subtract the background are not ordered, how can i evaluate
the result ,or it is a bad result and how can i improve my experiment?

thank you.

zhang p.y.

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