[Protein-analysis] need help printing chromatogram on Pharmacia LCC 500 Plus FPLC system

davidweisnaturetoc at yahoo.com davidweisnaturetoc at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 18 17:22:42 EST 2005

We recently acquired a used Pharmacia LCC 500 Plus controller/FPLC
system with a new Amersham/GE Healthcare UVM-II detector.  The
controller has a built-in thermal printer.  We know that the printer is
supposed to be able to print out a chromatogram (I've seen samples from
a similar system), but after going through several of the
manuals/handbooks for this system, I have not been able to discover how
to get a chromatogram to print out.  The printer definitely works as it
happily prints out text and the controller works as it is able to
command the pumps, valve, and fraction collector.  I suspect that the
problem is that I haven't programmed my method correctly or haven't
done the controller calibration correctly, though I suppose it's also
possible that the controller can't see the detector.  Any ideas?

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