Places available on Protein Structure Prediction training course

Gary Williams gwilliam at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Nov 3 06:42:28 EST 2004

Places available on Protein Structure Prediction training course


This three day course covers 

 - protein structure analysis and databases
 - modelling of protein structures to atomic resolution
 - use of homologous structures
 - modelling structural features from sequence information
 - assessment, refinement and validation of protein models

Non trivial data mining of macromolecular databases using protein fold
recognition methods such as threading will be covered as well as
insights into various applications such drug designs and discovery and
structural genomics. 

Theory as well as hands-on experience will be gained concerning
state-of-the-art methods, accessible through the Web pages and from
commercial software. 

50% of the course is devoted to practicals and 50% to theory. 

This course will involve using the UNIX operating system and commands. 
You are expected to be familiar with these. 

	Yvonne Edwards (MRC)
	Clare Sansom (Birkbeck)
	Jon Ison (MRC)
	Sunil Patel (Accelrys)
	Kevin Bryson (UCL)
	Pawel Herzyk (Glasgow)
	Damian Counsell (MRC)
	Kenji Mizuguchi (Cambridge)
	Simon Cross (Tripos)


	Genetics Department, Cambridge University, UK

        8th to 10th December 2004
Cost (inc. VAT):
        353 UK Pounds

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