Proteins someone special sent you a greeting piano

Thirst R. Adulterer oj532 at hotmail.com
Fri May 28 14:12:37 EST 2004

   Hi Proteins,
Im a n g e l
Im just sick and tired 0f all this fake stuff about being 'in love',
I want a boy who will just teaseme. I d0nt care much about age.
I am innocent and petite. If this sounds like you come hangout with me.

laterfor n o w
 A ngel


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deliver all written request with a c o p y of this communication to:

Suite #186
4-115o N. Terminal Ave.
Nanaim0, British C o l u m b i a
V9S 5L6
C anada

your email is proteins at net.bio.net just never write me another announcement again.

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