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I'd like you to come right over," a man phoned an undertaker, " and 
supervise the burial of my poor, departed wife.""Your wife!" gasped the
undertaker, "Didn't I bury her two years ago?""You don't understand," said
the man, " You see I married again.""Oh," said the undertaker,
My mother and I were standing at he check-out in the supermarket as the
cashier scanned the things we bought. When the price of a bottle of orange
juice was scanned as $4,, my mother said "It's only $3.95."The cashier
stopped wheat she was doing and disappeared down one of the aisles to check
the price. she soon returned and said that the price was $3.95. When she
handed my mother the change, a five cent coin rolled onto the floor. Much to
my amusement, as the cashier bent over to search for it, my mother said "Oh,
don't bother, it's only five cents." 
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