Monosaccharides consisting of three CO-groups

Robert Whitby whitby at mac.com
Wed Mar 17 13:17:10 EST 2004

COassys.pdf has been placed in the "Files for sharing" page of the


The file shows monosaccharides consisting of three CO-groups linked by
their C-atoms. The C-atoms constitute a triplet. One triplet is
linearly symmetric and its assemblies are candidates for
dihydroxyacetone. A second triplet is asymmetrical and has the
conformation of the C-atoms of D-alanine. Its assemblies are
candidates for L-glyceraldehyde. The third triplet is asymmetrical and
mirrors the other asymmetrical triplet. It has the conformation of the
C-atoms of L-alanine. Its assemblies are candidates for
D-glyceraldehyde. There are 80 assemblies with symmetrical triplets
and 120 assemblies for each of the asymmetrical triplets. The file has
66 pages.

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