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Louis Hom lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Mar 16 08:46:24 EST 2004

Well, seeing as how there are no obvious answers, I guess some pure 
speculation isn't out of order . . .

Have you tried running an acid gel?  e.g., acid/urea?  Maybe your protein 
doesn't like going toward red electrodes.  My old labmate was studying a 
small very basic DNA binding protein (you can look up Volkman and 
Oppenheimer . . . baculovirus p6.9) and had to use those gels instead of 
the usual SDS/native systems.

Do you have any idea how big your monomer is?  Maybe it's running with the 
dye front or something wacky like that.

Although the pronase/proteinase K experiment is highly suggestive, it may 
be that amides are important in the structure but that it's not all 

You have a very interesting problem.  Please keep us updated!
Lou Hom >K'93			     
lhom at ocf.berkeley.edu		

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