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Penny Stock Spotlight

Penny Stock Spotlight sharply  focuses  on  OTCBB  companies  that have made a
dramatic business turnaround and are now successful market leaders with strong
numbers behind them.

Our Stock in the Spotlight is RS GR0UP  of  Companies,  Inc.  (BB:  RSGC).  By
taking  a  page  from  BILLI0NAIRE  Warren Buffet's playbook and following the
Berkshire Hathaway model of  acquiring  or  "rolling-up" high margin specialty
insurers, RSGC is racking up record sales and hardwired for PR0FITS.

RS GR0UP of Companies, Inc. (RSGC)
Rating: Strong B'uy
Shares Outstanding: 15.2 MILLI0N
Recommended Price: .95
Estimated 60-Day High: 2.40

Major Breaking News: RSGC Completes Placement of  $300  MILLI0N  Capacity  for
M0RTGAGE  Indemnity In-surance Program Estimated to Result in Gross Revenue of
$9 MILLI0N Over 12 Months.

RSGC is thriving in the  ideal  economic environment enabling the M0RTGAGE and
in-surance sector to generate huge PR0FITS. RS GR0UP's  recent accomplishments
are turning heads in the specialty in-surance and reinsurance industry,as well
as  capturing  the  profit-making  attention  of aggressive investors. We have
witnessed this  Company  evolve  in  the  last  60  days  into a strategically
positioned powerhouse by securing $15 MILLI0N plus  in  sales,  equivalent  to
$1.00 per share in revenue.

Following  RS  GR0UP's latest quarterly filing, the Company has re-ceived $8.5
MILLI0N in equity financing from institutional investors; these are the "smart
money" players that hold long term  and  recognize a company on the fast track
for exponential  growth.  The  influence  of  the  Berkshire  Hathaway  empire
(trading  at  over  $80,000 per share), and built upon the explosive cash flow
from 3 in-surance subsidiaries (National Indemnity,GEICO, and General Re), has
had a commanding effect on  RSGC's  successful penetration into the Lloyd's of
London in-surance market with 2 major acquisitions  and  an underwriting  line
with a founding member firm.

Specifically,  RSGC has secured $1.6 BILLI0N in underwriting availability from
Tyser and Co. (founded  in  1820),  the  oldest independent continuous trading
firm of Lloyd's brokers. This binding agreement targets a market comprised  of
38  million  housing  units  in the US and Canada. RSGC swiftly enrolled 1,600
housing  units  upon  its  recent  start-up  which  represents  a  very  small
percentage of  the  total  units  qualifying for  this  proprietary in-surance
product. Even so, just the initial sales alone will impact the bottom line  by
generating an estimated $800,000 in revenue.

RSGC has completed the purchase of 49% of Dashwood, Brewer, and Phipps Ltd., a
70-year   old  Lloyd's  of  London in-surance  leader  maintaining  consistent
profitability. Based  on  Dashwood's  negotiated  underwriting  commitments in
support of RSGC products, gross premiums earned by the Company  "are  expected
to  be  approximately  $58.5  Million."  Expansion  is  currently  underway to
in-crease  pooled  capacity   which   will   "facilitate   gross  revenues  of
approximately $400 MILLI0N." We are not the first to uncover  this  phenomenon
as  the  stock  is  under accumulation, but we are acting aggressively on this
recently filed data.

Any company producing  revenues  at  this  extraordinary  pace  is going to be
eagerly pursued by investors along with  rapid  analyst  coverage  and  broker
participation.  Investors  need  to react quickly and secure sizable positions
before word spreads and stock  prices  explode. Additional contracts are being
negotiated and the revenues just keep piling up for an undervalued gem that is
taking off and ready to run. With an  average  PE  for  the  industry  between
16-18, analysts would view a $2.00 price projection as conservative.

Required  RSGC information: Penny Stock Spotlight is an independent newsletter
with the goal of giving investors the necessary knowledge to make rational and
profitable investment decisions. This publication does not provide an analysis
of the company's  financial  position  and  is  not  an  0FFER to b'uy or sell
securities. Investing in securities is speculative and  carries  risk.  It  is
recommended  that  any  investment  should  be made after consulting with your
investment  advisor  and  after  reviewing  the  financial  statements  of the
company. Penny Stock Spotlight presents  information  in  this  online  report
believed  to be reliable, but its accuracy cannot be assured. Past performance
does not insure similar future results. Penny Stock Spotlight is not purported
to be a complete and thorough  analysis of the featured company and recommends
a complete review of the Company's regulatory filings at sec.gov. Penny  Stock
Spotlight re-ceived  twenty  thousand dollars from an unaffiliated third party
with respect to the preparation of this  special online report as an effort to
build investor awareness for RSGC. The information  reported  herein  contains
future-looking statements and information within the meaning of Section 27A of
the  Securities  Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of
1934, including statements regarding expected continual growth of the featured
company. Future-looking statements are  based  on expectations, estimates, and
projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks
and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ  materially  from
those presently anticipated.


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