protocol for methionine incorporation

Nick Theodorakis nick_theodorakis at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 17:23:27 EST 2004

On 11 Jan 2004 15:16:36 -0000, viegas at embl.de wrote:

>I wonder if someone has a protocol for [35S]methionine incorporation to be used 
>in Hela cells. In particular, I am interested in the amount of uCi to use per 
>ml. and per number of cells. Secondly, I´d like to now if the cells have to be 
>in confluence for this essay or not. Thank you very much in advance,
>                                        Marcelo Viegas

I've used as few as 100-200 cells, or up to 10 million. And from 5 uCi
to over 200 uCi of [35S]methioine. It depends on what you are trying
to do. Are you looking at general labelling of proteins, or trying to
immunoppt. a specific (perhaps rare) protein?


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