Boost Protein Expression by Codon Optimization

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As we know, codon preference among different species could be dramatically different.  To enhance the expression level of a foreign protein in a particular expression system (E.coli, Yeast, Insect, or Mammalian cell), it is very important to adjust the codon frequency of the foreign protein to match that of the host expression system.  One classic example is GFP (green fluorescent protein) which was optimized to achieve high-level of expression in mammalian cells. 

GenScript has developed a proprietary algorithm for codon optimization.  This algorithm can optimize sequences for protein expression using either your own codon usage table or those from publicly available codon usage database.  It can converts your amino acid sequence into a DNA sequence with overall codon usage similar to a specified organism, and also optimizes the RNA secondary structure, GC content, repetitive codons etc. Using Genscript optimized synthetic genes, many of our customers have reported dramatic increase on protein expression. 

The optimized gene can be synthesized by GenScript gene synthesis technology with 100% fidelity.  The cost is as low as $2.35 per base pair.  Our service is very flexible, we can clone the optimized gene into our standard vectors (without extra charge), or any expression vector that you provide (for $400 extra charge).

Gene synthesis is a powerful technology and it has many other applications.  Another application example is to replace PCR Cloning.  Please visit our web (http://www.genscript.com/gene_synthesis.html) to learn more about this technology.  

Besides Gene Synthesis, we also provide custom vector-based siRNA, siRNA cassette, peptide, oligo, cloning and protein expression, biochemical reagents, and labwares.  Please visit our web site (http://www.genscript.com) to learn more about our services.

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