How long is a protein sequence?

Stefek Borkowski stefek at killspam.edu
Thu Dec 16 05:36:11 EST 2004

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum wrote:
> Stefek Borkowski wrote:
>> ...
> No, it is unfortunately a bit more complicated than that. The number
> of amino acids clipped depends on the kind of protein. For example
> those that are imported into organelles may have signal sequences at
> the N-terminal end, which are clipped away after transport (see e.g.
> "Import of proteins into mitochondria" or "Formation of collagen" in
> any of the cell biology or biochemistry textbooks). This info should
> however be contained in protein databases like BRENDA.
> Note that since proteins crystallised are often produced in bacteria
> by genetic engineering, and bacteria do not clip, crystal structures
> (PDB-fiels) often contain the complete N-terminus. I have often
> wondered how this might affect the result...
Thank you so much for your interesting answer. I checked BRENDA database, 
but it seems like enzymatic one. My protein is not an enzyme :( Thanks 
Kind regards,

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