Principles of Columns & Protein Purification

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>Can you please advise where would a newbie start to read from for Protein
>purification and principles of columns.

The single _greatest_ book on the theory and practice of 
chromatography and protein purification is "Chromatography" by 
Lev Osterman. 

"Protein purification " by Scopes might be a classics (mainly
due to its non-chromatography parts) and and a ghost of many 
other "methods" cookbooks might be filling bookshelves, but 
absolutely nothing compares with it in the scope, clarity and 
breadth of its approach. An absolute must read (and have) for 
anyone serious about protein chromatography - even after > 15 
years since its publication. Even after all this time, the ONLY
"real" thing that's not described there is IMAC - but then again, 
IMAC is an affinity chromatography and Osterman's chapter on 
affinity chromatography is outstanding! 

It's hard to find but looks available:

I bought mine 12 years ago from warehouse in Germany for 
$238. Duh, there was no online shopping then and none of
this university's libraries had it.... 


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