jacjentait jacjentait at xtra.co.nz
Fri Nov 14 07:49:02 EST 2003

If I got this straight .

The "space" / vacuum / nothing is really where electrons are temporally not
The "space" is mostly electron repulsion at a very low probability .
The electrons are slower ( there more / higher probability ) at the atom and
faster (there less /extreme prob.) out further
near other atoms and repelling off those atom's electrons .

A block of varying density electron goo with atoms networked by denser
electron strings .

wouldn't protein folding depend on the weather of this low probability
interacting electron "space"  ,
because these interactions could shield or expose a "start" in a gravity
towards a particular fold ?
Could the models model separately the low electron densities , a kind of
negative plot of the computation ? .

 I thought a lone molecule without an environment seems to me not real (
environment to me seems very important )
I then realised that the electrons are constantly moving so the whole
protein molecule is constantly dynamically moving anyway .
And therefore the major folding forces would come from this self shake .

Thank you for your neuron use .
william james tait .

maybe a desktop cray supercomputer is a good thing .

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