tkalog at lsuhsc.edu tkalog at lsuhsc.edu
Wed Jun 11 18:59:21 EST 2003

I would like to get some ideas for exptl strategies that can be used to determine whether endocytosis of a given protein is required for its biological effect on cells.  I already know this protein has cellular effects, I also know that it is endocytosed by adherent cells fairly quickly, in a saturable manner, and that about 30% of this uptake is specific.  I need some approaches for testing a link between uptake and cellular effects.  I've already got some ideas, and have some studies going using transfection of a dominant negative mutant for dynamin, but hopefully someone who has some experience with this can help with some other ideas--simple, complicated, old school or new technology, I don't care; at this point anything might help.  Thanks.


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