A postdoctoral position for a European but not french citizen

Cyrille Forestier cforestier at cea.fr
Wed Feb 26 02:53:54 EST 2003

  In the context of a European program : Training and Mobility Network 
(2002-2006) "Plant Transporters". 
A postdoctoral position for a European but not french citizen, is 
available immediately in our laboratory. Our laboratory focussed on 
ATP-Binding Cassette proteins involved in response to biotic and abiotic 
stresses in Arabidopsis (see publications 
<http://www-dsv.cea.fr/thema/lems/publi_us.htm>). We would like to 
characterise further one transporter of this super-family recently 
cloned in the lab. In order to follow this project, we search for a 
motivated scientist that will be implicated in the functional 
characterisation of this protein. Approaches include construction of 
overexpressing plants and analysis of knockout lines, reporter gene 
analysis as well as functional characterisation of the membrane 
transporter by heterologous expression in yeast, xenopus oocyte and 
mammalian cells.
Our lab is well equipped with all the latest technology for cellular and 
molecular biology. It is part of the department of Plant Ecophysiology 
and Microbiology where 120 researchers work in various field of plant 
science. It is located in Provence, the South of France (70 km from 
Marseille with an international airport, 30 km from Aix en Provence with 
an American Center), one of the nicest places to live in.

Duration : The position is for up to two years and is available starting 
June 2003.
Screening will begin upon receipt of applications and close by March 30, 

Age limit. The young researcher must be aged 35 years or less at the 
time of his/her appointment by a Participant in the frame of the network 
Qualification. He/she must be a holder of a doctoral degree or of a 
degree, obtained from a university or equivalent institution of higher 
education, which qualifies him/her to embark on a doctoral degree. 
He/she must have at least two publications in international journals and 
a good background in plant molecular biology.
Nationality.  He/she must be a national of a Member State of the 
Community or have resided within the Member States for the last five 
years immediately prior to his/her appointment by a Participant in the 
frame of this contract;
International Mobility. He/she must not be a national of the state in 
which the Participant's research team appointing him/her is located and 
he/she must not have carried out his/her normal activities in that state 
for more than 12 of the 24 months prior to his/her appointment.

If you are interested in this project, please send curriculum vitae, 
reprint of recent publications and two reference letters (or contact 
information for two individuals) directly to: Cyrille FORESTIER 
<mailto:cforestier at cea.fr>

Project partnership : M. Boutry (coordinator, Louvain La Neuve, 
Belgium), Michael Palmgren (Copenhagen, Denmark), Enrico Martinoia 
(Zurich, Switzerland), Cyrille Forestier (Cadarache, France), Stanislas 
Ulaszewski (Wroclaw, Poland), Jean-Louis Rigaud (Paris, France), Werner 
Kühlbrandt (Frankfurt, Germany).

CEA Cadarache
BP 1 - F13108 St Paul Lez Durance - FRANCE
Phone: (+33) 4-42-25-30-48
Fax : (+33) 4-42-25-23-64
E-Mail: cforestier at cea.fr

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