Interpro result errors

lynn opal7313 at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 2 04:11:09 EST 2003

Hello everybody!

I have for long time some difficulties with Interpro; I install it but
with the test .seq I am not having the result that I am waiting for:

       3 sequences      795 aas       21 in coil
No HSP found
No HSP found
/Users/X/iprscan/tmp/X_02-Dec-2003_18021/cnk_1/../bin/scpr.sh: line
13: 18098 Segmentation fault      /Users/X/iprscan/bin/scanregexpf.pl
-pattern /Users/X/iprscan/data//prosite.patterns -confirm
/Users/X/iprscan/data//confirm.patterns $1 >$2
gmake[1]: *** [scpr.out] Error 139
gmake[1]: Target `htm' not remade because of errors.
gmake: *** [cnk_1/merged.htm] Error 2
gmake: Target `htm' not remade because of errors.

Is there some ideas?

Thanks in advance


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