Fluorescence polarization buffer

EK REMOVEem at NOSPAMunforgettable.com
Wed Apr 30 14:08:31 EST 2003

I am trying to find conditions to stabilize my protein in dilute form for FP
and other assays that require long times of exposure at room temperature.
Could someone hint on what agents could I try?
One company sells a FP kit and claims the buffer they provide contains
glycerol, protein "stabilizing agents", and agents to reduce high
backgrounds due to unspecific binding (they certainly not disclosing their
buffer recipes). I know that the protein stabilizing agents are DTT and
protease inhibitors, but it seems like they added something else to the
buffer. Any ideas what could that be? As for background reduction, the well
known additives are BSA and BGG (gamma globulin). However, the company says
those two are not present in the buffer. What else is know to reduce
backgrounds and at the same time stabilize unstable proteins in dilute

Any ideas/comments/suggestions will be much appreciated.

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