problem with biorad's ready gels

Jo lonien at bnl.gov
Tue Apr 15 16:10:01 EST 2003

hi there,
i just started working with the biorad 2D equipment for 17cm ipg
for running the second dimension i'm using biorad's ready gels because
i had problems in casting my own gels.
the manual told me not to hold up these gels vertically, to handle
them with care and so i did. BUT the gel started slipping out of the
plates on the bottom as soon as i put on the clamps. as a result the
gel surface of the ipg well is not a line anymore and therefore it is
not possible to get the ipg strip in contact with the gel.
so...if anyone out there once had the same problem and found an easy
solution please let me know.
i was also thinking about taping the bottom of the gel while attaching
the clamps and adding the ipg strip but i'm not sure if the gel would
come out after removing the tape anyhow.
thanx for advice,

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