extracting and digesting 2D-GEL spot

Pier Carlo Montecucchi pcmontecucchi at compuserve.com
Sun Sep 22 11:54:44 EST 2002


Sometimes, I'm using the isoelectrofocusing technology for protein / peptide
isolation with the M.I.E.R. apparatus developed by the Italian company
Talent (Trieste).

The system works.

On the isolated components, MS or Edman degradation.


Pier Carlo

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"Simon" <dtoycr at tin.it> wrote in message
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> I am an Italian biological researcher working on protein and peptide
> molecules by mass spectrometry. Recently I am trying to analyze some
> extracted from GEL spot. I have some problem to solve:
> 1) Do you know if exist a protocol for extracting the protein from the GEL
> spot without digest them?
> 2) Does this protocol work for any kind of protein?
> 3) I am trying to digest the protein directly in GEL. Many protocols say
> dry the gel and reydrate with trypsin solution. My question is: it is
> possible that the trypsin does not go inside the GEL but remains outside
> solution? I have followed various protocols but at the end seems that the
> peptides do not exit from the gel. For this reason I have thought that the
> digestion does not take place.
> I would like to thank you very much for your help.
> Sincerely yours
> Simone Cristoni
> Dr. Simone Cristoni
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