Promoters again

Przyborski, Jude Jude_Przyborski at med.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Jul 24 11:28:19 EST 2002

Dear List,
Whilst I have a bit of experience with parasite promoters, I admit to being
a bit of an idiot as far as bacterial promoters are concerned. My problem: I
would like to put a selectable marker under control of 2 promoters, one of
parasite origin, and one bacterial. My parasite promoter is not well
characterised, and therefore 1kb long. All bacterial promoters that I have
looked at seem however to have a few ATGs scattered within them, which I
think will cause a problem!! Is it feasible for me to locate the bacterial
promoter upstream to the parasite one, adding however the shine-dalgano
sequence just before the intended ATG? Can a promoter work over such a great
distance? If not, then is it possible for me to place a really minimal
promoter (-35, -10, SD ) of my own design downstream of the parasitic one ,
making sure that no ATGs get in the way. I only need enough expression to
enable cloning in e.coli. 
Thanks in advance

Jude Przyborski
University of Heidelberg
judep at web.de


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