Any Suggestions on extracting proteins from the mixing sample will be greatly appreciated

PC peter.cherepanov at REMOVE.uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Mon Jul 22 13:45:04 EST 2002

vortexing with glass beads, and/or several passages through a French press
at high preassure (normal ways to disrupt yeast)
and finally boiling in SDS sample buffer.
(But will this be enough for the spores?)

sounds like a doomed thing though ...


"Elinor Chen" <chenq129 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:d7b75d4c.0207161955.71a7e163 at posting.google.com...
> Hi,
> I now search for a good extraction method for lyze the intact cells.
> The sample is pretty complex, including fungi(yeast or/and spores),
> bacteria, virus and some other microbes. I am not quite sure if all of
> them will present in the sample, but hopefully, they will appear in
> different fractions (bacteria and fungi ocuppy most).
> First, I am looking for a method which just break the cells and
> extract the soluble protein in the cells.
> After that, I also need a method which not only extract the soluble
> protein but also insoluble proteins(e.g. membrane proteins). I know
> there are some insoluble proteins which can not be extracted. I think
> the method which extracts the proteins as many as possible is a
> choice.
> Thanks in advance for your great help.

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